Auxiliary Receiver Module


Multiple receivers collect RF and protocol content for wireless spectrum analysis

Auxiliary Receiver Module hardware

The CTL-SystemWare ARM provides our current customers the benefits of our latest developments. We recognize the need for collection and analysis of physical RF energy and logical protocol content associated with modern wireless systems. The ARM utilizes the strength of multiple receivers collecting physical energy traces as well as logical addressing, power levels, packet types and protocols associated with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ZigBee. The ARM allows our legacy systems to harness the benefit of simultaneous collection and analysis from critical areas of the spectrum dedicated to wireless communications.

Example Uses:

  • Source Mac Address Filtering
Source Mac Address filter output from ARM
  • Hits over Time
Hits over Time as output from ARM



  • Three Built-In Receivers Ethernet Control
  • Portable and Lightweight
  • User-Definable Sweep Parameters
  • Automated and Remote Functions Allow the System to Run Unattended
  • Signals are Presented in Multiple, Easy to Read Formats
  • Sweep the RF Spectrum with User-Defined Frequency Parameters
  • Multiple Visual Representations of the RF Spectrum
  • 2D display, Waterfall Display, and Display Zooming Feature
  • Signal of Interest Frequency List
  • Real-Time Signal Analysis
  • Classification of Common Digital and Analog Signals
  • Post-Collection Data Analysis Tools
  • Zoom Displays for Better Analysis and Signal Measurements

Wireless Collection and Analysis:

  • Wi-Fi Mac Address
  • Bluetooth Mac Address
  • SSID Detection
  • Signal Strength
  • Hardware Manufacturer
  • Wi-Fi Protocol Detection
  • ZigBee Node Addresses
  • Packet Identification and Analysis
  • Mac Address Registration
  • Authorized vs. Unauthorized Lists



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